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How to be a Digital Nomad like Laptop Warriors


Laptop Warriors Media Inc. is the brain child of Nanaimo Based Internet Entrepreneurs, Fraser Paterson & Nadine Shemilt.  #hereisourstory.  Join us to learn how to become a digital nomad and/or a digital marketer.   Are you excited about travelling the world while running a company?  Welcome to the digital nomad lifestyle.

We walk the talk, and travel the world sharing with your our adventure along the way.  We have been in the digital marketing industry since 2010 and we learned how to be successful marketers by growing and selling our own business first.  Find a showcase here of everything digital marketing, except for screaming from a rooftop, which I would do if proven it works.


Digital Nomads, Online Marketers, Yoga Teachers, Veggie Lovers, Travelers. Meet Nadine and Fraser. Only Rule = #GSD


Travel Destinations

Travel Guide: Thailand
Travel Guide: Bali
Travel Guides: Vietnam
Travel Guides: Cambodia
Travel Guides: Nepal


9 Tips on How to Be a Digital Nomad

9 Tips on How to Become a Digital Nomad

Wanting to be a Digital Nomad like Laptop Warriors but don’t know where to begin?  We have outlined the best 9 tips on how to become a digital nomad travelling the world working remotely, either as a remote job or self employed Entrepreneur. Read More

How Much it Costs to Live Abroad in Thailand

How much it costs to live abroad in Thailand

We have put together a summary of how much it costs to live in Thailand.  If you are thinking of how to become a Digital Nomad find out the logistics of living a digital nomad lifestyle abroad first.  Read more

Discover Asia for $160usd with AirAsia Asean Pass

AirAsia Asean Pass Review

Travelling Asia? Read our AirAsia Asean Pass Review to find out how you can travel Southeast Asia with up to 10 flights to 70 destinations for only $160usd plus taxes and airport fees. Read more

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