Meet the Authors: Fraser Paterson & Nadine Shemilt

by May 18, 2016About Us


Meet Fraser Paterson & Nadine Shemilt, the Laptop Warriors Authors. Our company motto was always “Get Shit Done”… and this is what we did. As 2 Young Professionals Nanaimo we decided to quit our jobs (Financial Planner & Realtor) and put everything we had into building our first internet company. After seeing the concept of Groupon (Daily Deal) in other markets we were first to take action in our niche market. We launched in our region growing bigger and faster than all of competitors owning the market. The best thing about this was that we did it with only a $4,000 total investment.  We launching fast in under 30 days, selling millions of dollars of other people’s products.


And we did it from the ground up!  Heck, we could not even afford to hire our first employee for a year. That meant all the sales, door knocking, customer inquiries, graphics, emails. We did it ourselves. As a couple, we ran a 24/7 business. We could never leave it at the office and both consistently worked 80+ hour weeks and as a couple took the stress, emails, and everything head on.  If one business was not enough, after it became profitable we opened up another business and second office in Mumbai India. We grew to 42+ employees working with hundreds of clients from around the world. Then we got to follow our passion and were privileged to speak and tell our story at numerous internet conferences to thousands of inspiring entrepreneurs #liveyourdreams!

We  managed to create a super successful business (with no inventory and positive cash flow). We sold to thousands of businesses in the most competitive industry, all on a bootstrap business. After sending 18+ million emails and selling 6+ Million in consumer savings we learned firsthand more than most internet experts will ever encounter.  With only the help of Google and our masterminds, had to split test (spending our own money) on Facebook & Google Ads, different email marketing systems to increase conversions  (sending 50,000+ emails a) as well creating hundreds of websites for our clients and specializing in  SEO & PPC.


After selling our businesses just over a year ago we spent the last year travelling the world. We’ve had a big emphasis on focusing on our health, fitness, and professional development. This included pursuing a passion of ours taking a 1 month 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program deep in the Himalayan Mountains. Then a 21 day trek over the highest pass in the world with no guide or porters.  We have then traveled to 7 different countries, experiencing an amazing summer of camping, kayaking, and wakeboarding. And if 2016 was not epic enough already this September sold their home and moved to Ko Samui, Thailand. We are living the digital nomad lifestyle, while we continue to travel the world and work secretly on launching multiple new companies.  Just wait to see what is next!!

Now that we have sold our businesses and are focusing on training entrepreneurs to meet their business and personal goals.  Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming course “How to Fire your Web Developer”. This is why we are able to relate with my clients so well. This is also why I work so hard for you to achieve the same results.  Want to know how to know more?  Click here to Contact Us

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