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by May 27, 2016Digital Nomad

If I had to describe our Nepal Yoga Teacher Training Trip in 2 words, it would be Life Changing.  The people, the stories, and most important, a different life perspective gave me the complete mental shift I needed.  This trip involved taking a 1 month yoga teacher training course at Nepal Yoga Academy and a 3 week journey over the highest land pass (5,500 meters) in the world. All with no guide or porter in the Himalayan Mountains, but more to come on that life challenge in another post.

Our Nepal Yoga Teacher Training Experience came at what proved to be the most needed time in our lives.  But isn’t that always the case when your life is about to shift dramatically?   Following the sale of our company, we were mapping out our next steps. Nadine announced that she wanted to take yoga teacher training. That I was welcome to join, or meet her after her training completed.  Grabbing life by the horns, I started yoga.  I started practicing yoga for the first time in my life 30 days before we departed for Nepal.



We found the Nepal Yoga Teacher Training program that we were going to take online.  Our choices narrowed down by an extremely helpful website, Book Yoga Retreats.  During our first week in Nepal, it was incredibly frigid weather, and we landed in the countries 6 month long fuel shortage, no heat or hot showers.  I had a couple other friends travelling Southeast Asia, and saw nothing but sunshine and beaches on my newsfeed.  A couple months later though I realized, Nepal was the best thing for my soul and I wouldn’t have changed our choice.

Yoga Quotes | Nepal Yoga Academy


I started yoga, not being able to sit cross legged with a straight back (and in quite a bit of pain).  A couple years prior, I had been in 2 major car accidents which had left me loosing my job and in pain.  Turned out this was a catalyst for me to start my companies.  However, 4 years later after the exit of my companies, I still had not fully recovered.  Within 60 days of practicing yoga, my posture had changed. I can now sit cross legged with a straight back. I have reversed many postural problems I had. More importantly I lost the daily pain that I used to carry with me.  Even better, I have learned so much that I can now share that message with others.

This is just one of the many adventures that has now become my daily life.  It was the adventure that started it all. Make sure to follow us, the Laptop Warriors, on many adventures in the future!  For Nepal, our time in Kathmandu was filled with amazing Yoga, heartfelt laughter, clean eating, experiencing an earthquake, exploring the City of Temples (yes we can vouch now it’s nicknamed this for a reason) and taking away the amazing lifelong knowledge to share yoga.  All with my best friend and partner in crime of 8+ years, Nadine.

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