Speaking in Bali at the Genuis Cafe & Entrepenuers Club

by Oct 16, 2016Speaking

The Laptop Warriors are at it again, this time in Bali!  This time at the Genius Cafe Entrepreneur Beach Club in Sanur, Bali. We are working hard on the creation of “How to Fire Your Web Developer” course.  As a sneak peak, this lucky group in Bali received some insight to our course during our speech.   We were the first speaking event held at the Genius Cafe, newly opened beachfront co-working space cafe and Entrepreneur community. Genius Cafe is located in an amazing location in Sanur, Bali.  Definitely a pinch-me moment when we arrived at the Cafe to speak in this amazing setting located right on the beach.  Our audience lounged, Bali style, on bean bag chairs sipping delicious cocktails.


We had a wonderful time listening to Fraser Paterson & Nadine Shemilt share their knowledge and insight on website development. With only a few thousand dollar investment, these two young professionals built a 7 figure business in 3 years, selling millions of dollars in online sales every year.

Along with their interests and ventures, they shared their success story of overcoming the extremely competitive industry with their innovative social media strategy, mixed with crazy hard work and sales skills. They definitely had the #startup and #business enthusiasts enjoy this innovative, more efficient form of networking.


This was the first time that we have spoken since we sold our businesses. I have to admit, I had a lot of fun! Getting back on stage and sharing our knowledge revived that public speaking adrenaline.  Not a large group, it was great to meet both local people, digital nomads, and I-Lab incubation students.   Over the hour we talked about online marketing essentials, including website builder platforms, email marketing, google analytics, and a couple productivity tips and tricks. With Fraser and I leading the talk, there was lots of jokes, laughter, and marketing insight included, with a brief intro to our story.

At the end of our speech, the Genius Cafe host, Rory, had a question and answer period from the audience. The audience got to share what information they learned from our speech.  It was awesome to hear not a typical Q&A period but to hear from the audience then what information they had learned from us.  It gave me so much more gratitude to speaking to the group knowing that they had learned a lot.


We have been invited back to Bali on November 21-23 to speak again at a 3 day conference. This time including an on-stage interview with Roger Hamilton at iLabs and Startup Grind.  Updated December 5, 2016: Startup Grind powered by Google hosts Nadine Shemilt and Fraser Paterson.


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